I’m so lucky and happy to have found Dr. Ira. As soon as I saw him on TV describing his cosmetic dental work, I knew that he feels passion for what he does. For my diastema; his expertise with dental bonding, excellent ability using the most up-to-date technology, and his great creativity, were the key for recommending me a solution that none of the other dentists had thought about. My family and I are delighted with the results and the high quality work he did for me. I have confidence in Dr. Ira and appreciate that he takes the time to explain the proposed options and answer questions. I certainly feel more confident about myself and smile a lot more! I’ll be always grateful to Dr. Ira for that! I also like that he works with his son Michael who follows a very interesting holistic approach and they both complement each other. Dr. Ira and his team are very welcoming, approachable, and give importance to the environment by using equipment such as digital X-rays that are much less invasive than regular ones. This is definitively the right place!
Ana Zoghbi, Toronto Ontario

Dentists are not often one of the more favorable Doctors to go and visit – yet the compassion and generosity that Dr. Mike Schecter has extended has actually left me feeling inspired! His commitment to homeopathic remedies and being as un-invasive as possible during surgical procedures is applaudable. There is a great level of care and trust he has for his patients and that care can be felt within the office community. The quality of care and attention to detail has been a refreshing and welcomed example of a staff team committed to excellence!
Nicki Mosley, Ottawa Ontario

It now has been over a year since I had 4 Implants put in my lower jaw. I feel the need to tell you how I feel about them today. There are very few days that go by that I don’t think how wonderful it is to have teeth that are as close to natural as can be. It took quite some time for me to stop trying to take them out at night like I would my partial plates. Also, when eating, it makes me think back to when my partials used to come loose and clogged with food. The initial cost seemed like a lot of money to lay out for what I considered cosmetic, not realizing the benefits of your improved quality of life. Also not knowing what kind of pain involved in the procedure was something that was a concern to me. If I had to do it over again, I would jump at the chance to better my quality of life. I want to thank you and your staff for being so personable, friendly and very helpful at making the procedure a great experience. There must be a lot of people out there that think about you whenever they realize how great it is to have a normal set of teeth. I wish you, your family and your staff all the best. 

Twenty years ago Michael’s father did work on my teeth and now I found Michael would be doing the work. I was nervous at first, for Michael seemed so young. I had some complicated work to be done. A root canal, some caps, and an implant. Before he started working he explained in detail all the work he had to do. He was kind, gentle and skillful. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
Judy Tucker, Thornhill Ontario

I decided to get implants almost 10 years ago, even though I was terrified of the thought of it. I saw and talked to a lot of implant dentists and I wasn’t sure until I found and spoke to Ira. After I spoke to him I knew he was the one and after a few sessions I was then convinced I was in good hands and let him do whatever he wanted. I was right and my teeth feel so good, not even a feeling of titanium implants drilled into my bones, but they were, I was awake and know they are there but don’t feel a thing now and it’s only half a year. I have a few friends that didn’t take my advice on Ira and most have problems with infections. Ira knows exactly what he’s doing and is a perfectionist, so just let him do what he thinks. He is the best, in my opinion.
Henry Cooper, Toronto Ontario

I would like to express my appreciation to Dr. Michael Schecter for the excellent dental care I have experienced in the last year and a half since I first came to his office. In looking for a new dentist, I wanted someone who would take a holistic approach to my health. I am extremely pleased with this aspect of Michael’s practice and also by his technical skill and his sincere concern for his patients. Following one procedure, I was dumbfounded to receive a late evening call from Michael checking to make sure everything was fine. He also takes the time to listen to one’s questions and never seems too rushed to fully explain what he is about to do. He even researches answers to one’s health concerns and emails them to you after hours. His equipment is state of the art and his clinic is well staffed with highly competent support technicians. I drive a long way to his office, but it is worth the trip, I couldn’t be more pleased.
James Gallagher, Inglewood Ontario

I have great respect for the approach taken by Dr. Schecter and his team. It is such a pleasure to have access to a Dentist who is invested in keeping people healthy, not just treating folks when they have problems. The holistic approach taken by Dr. Schecter and his team fits with my values, and I feel blessed to have their support.
Daniel Hoffman, Toronto Ontario

I found you and your father on the Wellness hour and watched both shows. You seem to really know your stuff and are passionate about it. We certainly agree in principal on health. It is very rare for me to actually meet someone in person that has similar beliefs. Very impressive.I really now feel I can put my trust in your knowledge and you. I’d have to say that you are absolutely perfect!
Beth Mason, Toronto Ontario

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